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Nov 23, 2021


Starting a bullet journal can seem like an intimidating task, but it doesn’t need to be. There are endless amounts of benefits to bullet journaling and it’s down-right fun. We are here to share how you can get started with bullet journaling – the easy way!!!


What is Bullet Journaling? 

Bullet journaling is a fairly “new” concept of logging information.

It dates back to the 1990’s when a man with ADD created the method to organize and log information.

Rather than having endless amounts of notes and lists, the bullet journal method puts all that information in one spot – organized for ease. Now while this method originally divided information between tasks, events and notes all signified by symbols (bullet, open circle and dash), it has evolved into so much more than that. 

Simply, it’s a way to organize YOUR life how you want it. You get full control and direction to create a journal that is all yours, the way you envision. It’s a space to put important lists, tasks, dates and ideas. 


Let's Get Started...

First, determine WHY you are starting a bullet journal.

You don’t need to fit a mould or start one  for the same reasons as others. It is however important for you to know what the function of this journal is going to be.

Personally, I am a list creator, I create endless amounts of to-dos, to-buys, and random notes of things I don’t want to forget. I am creative, so I enjoy doodling and creating fun “trackers” for the things I want to remember. My bullet journal is a one stop spot that houses all these things in one place. 


Get some supplies

Now that we have an idea of what we want our bullet journal to represent, let’s dive into the nitty gritty. 

The ONLY things you need to start is a bullet journal and a writing tool. However, there are so many fun additions that you can use to be creative. I enjoy using coloured markers as a creative outlet when bullet journaling. Some other fun accessories are; stickers, washi tape, and coloured pens. 


Supplies, Supplies, Supplies

Here is a link to all my favs; now remember this is a work in progress. You don’t need to run out and get everything all at once. I have been collecting my supplies for years.

Tombow – dual tip markers

Papermate black marker


"A mindfulness practise disguised as a productivity tool"



Great, we have our why, our supplies and we are ready to crack the journal open and get started. 

Some ideas of how you can track information is through logs which can be daily, weekly or monthly spreads, “Collections” in which we will give you some popular ideas, and Notes/lists. 

I personally don’t use an index, but this is a very common page to add near the beginning of your book to keep your sections organized. Just remember, your bullet journal doesn’t need to be fancy, it can be as simple or complicated as you like!

Creating collections for me is one of my favourite things to do with my bullet journal. When I open my journal to a collections page, it catches my attention which encourages me to continue tracking and using it, and it also allows me to doodle – which I HAVE to do constantly, its like in my blood. Some popular collection ideas are;


Popular Collections

  • Books to read
  • Mood tracker
  • Meal planner
  • Habit tracker
  • Recipe
  • Goals
  • Wish board
  • Weight loss
  • Birthdays
  • Projects
  • Gratitude log
  • Exercise tracker
  • Monthly memories 


Bullet journaling will help you stay organized, give you peace of mind and encourage you to get things done. It’s a fun, useful creative way to motivate you and inspire new ideas.

You are ready to start your bullet journaling journey. Remember its suppose to be fun and a for you journey! Don’t worry about being perfect or making mistakes – they will happen and it’s okay.



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