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Feb 08, 2022


Now’s the time to get ahead of that never ending to-do list, focus on your priorities and create a schedule that fits perfectly into your life and your business. 

With this quick guide, I will take your through my step-by-step process to creating a weekly schedule that allows you time to focus on your big dreams and take those evening bubble baths you have been missing!

Take that first step in improving your productivity so that you can finally focus on those big dreams you just haven’t had time for!


You’re in the perfect place if you:

  • Are serious about your business
  • Are stressed out or burned out
  • Always feel like you don’t never have enough hours in the day
  • Know that you are what is holding you back from accomplishing those big goals   


The goal of this guide is to kick-start your productivity with an awesome weekly schedule and give you that momentum you need to take that step towards ultimate productivity!

If you’re finding that you’re struggling with work-life balance and you know you need to do something about it, your calendar is a great first place to start as it allows you to lay everything out in front of you and figure out your priorities.

This is absolutely not a one-size-fits-all solution which is why we are going to break it down and ensure your schedule works and fits perfectly into your life.

Get ready because this is going to be a game changer!


Brain Dump

Grab your planner, a bullet journal or just a piece of paper and jot down EVERYTHING you do in a week in a blank sheet.

This includes all things business and all things life! Small tasks or large projects…doesn’t matter! Walking the dog, dropping kids off at school, answering emails…WRITE IT ALL DOWN!

Now…Write down all of the things you wish you were doing! Those big projects you want to work on, those evening restorative yoga classes that you haven’t been able to take in months.. etc. etc.



It’s a great feeling to get everything that you do in a week written down in front of you, but I totally get how it can also be overwhelming and surprising at how long your list actually is!

You may be thinking.. how the heck am I going to fit all of this into a weekly schedule?!

Well, there are a couple more steps before we get to that so let’s get to it!


Take that list of tasks you currently do and ask yourself the following questions:

Which tasks can you eliminate completely? Are they providing you with a return on your investment?

Maybe you’re finding that your marketing efforts on Facebook are leading to no new customers, but Instagram is booming for you. It could be time to remove your focus from a platform that isn’t working for you.


Which tasks can you automate? Can you set up systems and processes that will allow you to free up some time? What can you set up to have things happen ‘automatically’? 

Maybe you find that you’re consistently typing the same response to client questions or you’re spending too much time putting together the same proposals. These things can be automated!


If your tasks can not possibly be eliminated or automated, what can you then delegate? 

Maybe it’s time to bring on a Virtual Assistant to help with those time consuming tasks that can not be automated, or maybe it’s time to hire a house cleaner!

Check off whether each task can be eliminated, automated, delegated, or if in fact it’s something you need to do.

Now categorize the tasks that you are going to keep . This can be done in any way you like. Some examples are below!

Meetings, Customer Service tasks, Design tasks, Marketing tasks, Family time, ME TIME, etc. etc.



My favourite part!

Now it’s time to organize your list into your calendar.

This will take some moving around, tweaking and possibly some trial and error before it’s exactly how you want it so keep that in mind!

Now.. open up your planner (or use an online calendar if you prefer) 

This part is optional, but what I like to do is theme my days. This is an ultimate productivity hack that I love!

Tasks related to each themed day you create automatically get sorted into a to-do list for that day. 

For example, on Mondays maybe you want to focus on organizing financial tasks, social media and household chores, Tuesdays on writing, Wednesdays on client work, etc. etc.

So if you decide to theme your days, add that theme at the top of each day on your calendar. (in an online calendar, make it an all-day event)

Now go for it! ONLY add the tasks that you listed as a “DO” item or an “AUTOMATE” item to your schedule.

Important things to remember:

  • For the automated tasks, set aside time to get those automations set up and then you will eventually be able to decrease the time in your schedule for these.
  • Add buffer times! This is so important as you’re going to need some time to transition from one task to the next
  • Don’t forget to add commute times
  • Keep like tasks together! This is essential to being more productive
  • Schedule break times
  • Don’t forget to mark yourself as free if scheduling call times that integrate with scheduling apps like Acuity or Calendly.
  • Colour code!
  • Consider your most productive times of the day. I am most productive at night so I schedule myself a more relaxed morning and a hustle in the evening.
  • When your schedule looks good, repeat each task every week!
  • AND….most importantly…. BE FLEXIBLE!  


You did it!

We all know that days don’t always go as planned. 

What happens if I am sick, can’t get out of bed and spend an entire day watching repeats of Friends??

Adjust your days! Things happen. Don’t sweat it, move your important tasks to another day, work a little longer in evenings or spend a Saturday morning catching up if you need to. Your business and your household will be okay.

PLUS you should have some extra time after all that delegating you did 

And that’s it!



Congratulations on taking that first step towards ultimate productivity. Now you have a schedule that allows time for planning of big dreams and evening bubble baths.

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