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7 Must-Have Course Creator Tools

Apr 14, 2022

 The number of tools out there can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a new course creator. There are some amazing and useful tools out there, but if you’re just getting started on your course creation journey, it doesn’t need to be complicated!

I am a big believer on keeping it simple. As your course gains traction and your audience grows you may find the need for more tools and resources. Here are my 7 must-have tools you will need to create a successful course or membership from the start!


Course Platform
To give the best experience to your clients, using a well established and top notch platform is ideal. Kajabi and Thinkific are my two favorite course platforms, each offering something a little different. Both tools will give you everything you need to build your course. Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that is ideal for those who want everything (website, email marketing, courses, products) in one site. Thinkific is great if you already have your email marketing and your website established and want a new platform to run just your course on.


I have been using Canva for years and it’s really a must-have for every business owner. Canva is simple to use and offers so many templates and designs to help you along the way. Create presentation decks, workbooks, videos, social media graphics, course category graphics, etc. etc.


Loom is a screen and video recording platform. Share an instructional video with a view of just your screen, your screen and your face, or just a video of yourself. I love Loom for it’s ease of use. Add it as a chrome extension to quickly capture something and share with your audience.


Host masterclasses, live events, group coaching calls and even webinars during your pre-launch phase with Zoom. I find Zoom the easiest to use and it’s the most widely known software for virtual meetings.


Email Marketing System
If you’re not using an all-in-one platform like Kajabi, you’ll also need an email marketing system to communicate with your audience and keep leads engaged. My go-tos are Convertkit and MailerLite


Project Management Software
Building a successful course or membership takes a lot of organization. A project management system like Asana can help you to stay on top of things and keep you accountable. If you are working with other people on creating your course, a system like Asana will allow you to file share, assign tasks and communicate all in one place.


You will need a payment processor to collect all of those payments that are going to be coming in! My payment processor of choice is Stripe. It easily integrates with many platforms.


Need some help in moving your course forward? Leave the tech to me! I offer custom build packages so that you can focus on the service and education.

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