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How to Keep Your Online Course More Engaging and Interactive

Apr 28, 2022


Keeping your learners engaged in your course is one of the keys to ensuring that they get the most out of what you’re offering and that your course continues to sell.

It can be difficult to create an engaging course through e-learning and can’t just consist of lessons and workbooks if you want it to be a memorable experience for your learners.

Keeping your course engaging requires strategy and creativity. Your learners want an interactive experience that motivates them, connects them and leaves them wanting more from you!

Here are some fun and interactive ideas to take your course to the next level!


Who doesn’t love games? Weekly contests, giveaways and challenges are such a great way to not only keep your learners engaged in the material but to also see who is actively participating.
This is something I have found that not a lot of course creators use so you can really set yourself apart by adding gamification into your course.
If you’re using ThinkificMotrain is a fun gamification app that creates a rewards store. Learners can earn virtual coins for completing lessons spend those coins on rewards in your store. How fun! 
Ask for feedback and opinions
Simple polls during a group coaching session or webinar are a great icebreaker and also a great way for your learners to connect. If you’re using Zoom, it’s so simple to enable the polling feature and engage with your audience
As you go through your course it’s also a great idea to get some feedback from your learners. How you respond to the feedback can also have other advantages for improving your programs for current and future learners. A simple Google Form or Typeform are my two favourite apps for gaining feedback from students.
Use multiple learning options
People learn differently so it’s important to recognize that and tailor your course to everyone. This could be as simple as offering a Google calendar link as well as a printable option; including a transcript or closed captioning in your videos or creating both printable on online fillable workbooks.
I love using Prezi to bring a presentations to life. It allows you to zoom in, use motion and it really just takes your presentation to the next level to make it memorable. Prezi can be used during live zoom events and for your recorded lessons.
Invite guests or use storytelling
Do you or someone you know have the perfect story to tell that aligns with what you’re teaching? People relate to story telling and it allows your students to more easily associate stories with what they’re teaching.
Alternatively, if you know someone that is an expert in something that aligns with what you’re teaching, having them contribute a lesson or join for a live session or Q&A could be a great option that adds something a bit different to your course.
Use personalized videos
Making your learners feel welcome from the beginning sets the tone for a great learner experience. I love using personal videos to welcome learners and give a good first impression and a warm welcome. Videos to answer questions, reach out to learners who haven’t been as engaged in material or even to just let them know about an upcoming event are great scenarios to include personalized videos. Bonjoro is an amazing tool to make the process of sending personalized videos so simple and easy.

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