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Oct 04, 2021


Habits shape our lives, probably more than we realize. They are a force that our brains cling to. Much of our daily lives are spent from habits that we’ve formed intentionally or not. Good habits are not easy to create, but can be powerful and lead to a more productive and happier life.

Figuring out what we need to get done and how to do it, is the perfect equation to create our daily routines – and make them a habit that will stick!

Let’s get started…

To create your daily routine grab a pen and planner, I use the Hello Monday planner with the vertical layout option (shown in more detail below)


"you can't form a habit if it doesn't have a routine to stick to"

- Robyn Donely Downs -


Lists, Lists, Lists

Make a list, two or three of everything you need to accomplish in a day. Make sure to include home, work and life tasks that you want in your routine. Throw everything down, and remember it doesn’t have to be organized. This is your “brain dump” so be detailed. Include all the things you do in a day now and anything you “should” do, to ensure you can include it. Nothing is too big or too small for this list. Example, you want to have 20 minutes each morning to do your hair, add it to the list.


Plan Your Day

Think about what you currently do and when you do it. It is important to take into consideration how we already do things, timing of certain tasks and if we need to change things around.

Personally, I am a night owl! I am most creative and productive when I get my evening energy. 

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Note this, because whenever you work best is when you should group important tasks together for that time of day. 

Break your day into three sections, morning/afternoon/evening

For a lot of people there is a “morning rush” – when everyone is getting up, getting ready and starting their day. For some, getting others up and ready is a big chunk of our morning routine. 

Afternoons are hard for me because my energy is the lowest of the three. I use this as my “down time” and plan my mindless tasks during this time. I “pick up” one room a day and spend 15-20 minutes during the afternoon to complete this tasks. Dishes, meal prepping, emails, message responses are all things that are easy for me to complete during the afternoon when I am feeling less energized – and the caffeine has worn off!!

Lastly, I do my best work in the evenings, all the work I need to have zero distractions, be on my best game and have all my creative juices flowing for. If you’re a morning person, this time could be used for planning, prepping, tidying up to start the next day on a good note.


TIP: regardless of what type of person you are, your ONE most important task should be the FIRST thing you do to get it out of the way and not looming on your list. You will feel great to have it done.


Nitty Gritty - Optional 

Using morning/afternoon/evening is a little looser then some people feel comfortable. Breaking down your routine into “time blocks” is a great way to schedule more in detail until you get the hang of your routine. 

7 – Wake up/get myself & kids dressed/teeth brushed

7:30 – Breakfast & stretches

8 – Kids (independent play) Me (emails and post)

8:30 – Learn something new for the kids

9 – Reading time

9:30- Go outside for 1 hour


Account for Interruptions

Things will come up and get in the way of even the most detailed and steady routines – and that’s okay! The important thing is we use our most productive time to complete our most challenging tasks.  Parent and teacher meetings, drinks with the girls, and play dates may occur during different blocks of the day but just re configure and adjust to keep your routine running smoothly.


21 Day Trial 

Let’s take our new routine into real life. Take the next 21 days to try your new routine…

How are you enjoying it? Is everything flowing properly? Do you need to add something that you missed?

Make the appropriate adjustments and make this routine a habit!


Creating the “perfect for you” routine can seem daunting at first, but remember it’s all for you. Increase your productivity, reduce morning stress, and create easier transitions for yourself – and remember nothing is permanent! As your life changes and new things are thrown on your plate you can make adjustments easily. We are creating the “habit” of taking control of our routine. Once you’re in a routine you have the tools you need for life!


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